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Manta has a rich history: it was originally settled by the pre-Hispanic Manteña culture. Today it is a primary city in the province of Manabì.

Nearby in the province is the famous Isla de la Plata, which has flora and fauna similar to that found in the Galápagos Islands. On Isla de la Plata one finds such unique species as blue-footed boobies, frigates, and one can see whales there from June through September.

Produced in Manabì and known throughout the world are the original and official "Panama" hats, which are made just outside of Manta in the town of Montecristi. Manabì is also famous for its rich cuisine, which for many is the best in the country. For those who enjoy sea food Manta is second to none.

Manta Spanish School

Manta Tips

Manta enjoys a summer-like climate all year; it almost never rains and temperatures hover around 24 degrees Celsius on account of the perpetually shining sun. Manta is Ecuador's only small - home to 180,000 people - sea-side city that has a developed infrastructure for travelers. In addition to its beautiful beaches, Manta boasts a number excellent hotels, restaurants and a rich night life, as well as banks, malls and all modern services including the Internet. Also, close to the city you will find Machalilla National Park, Isla de la Plata (a nice if not so lavish alternative to the Galapagos Island), artisan towns, mangrove forests, ancient ruins and a number of other popular attractions.

APF Manta Activities

APF's events coordinator can arrange just about anything you can imagine. Play beach volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis and other sports; watch Latin-American and Ecuadorian videos; tour small towns rich in handcrafts where you can get ceramics, panama hats, hand carved ivory nuts (tagua); visit archeological sites; you´ll get surfing and tennis lessons; and much more!.

Prices Include:

  1. Airport pick-up in Quito and Bus-station in Manta.
  2. Manta tourist map.
  3. Pedagogical Materials.
  4. Spanish Certificate in APF.
  5. Tropical dance classes.
  6. Information and travel service for Ecuador and South America (assistance in reservations, confirmations and others).
  7. Fax receptions.

Recommended by the Junior Chamber of Ecuador and The Ecuadorian-Peruvian Chamber of Commerce.

Registration Fee: $30.

ONE ON ONE (One teacher and one student)                    Available every week, all year.
    #  weeks            
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 12
hours 4 252
490 675 980 1218 1462 1716 1949 2917
per days 5 287
557 835 1113 1383 1659 1936 2252 3352
  6 322
620 935 1246 1547 1857 2166 2476 3704
  7 357
690 1034 1379 1712 2054 2396 2738 4098

The fee includes your own private room, 3 meals a day, and laundry service. APF thoroughly screens all homestays families and works to make good matches between students and their hosts. This is based on a belief that students who feel comfortable with their Spanish more and thus improve quickly.

Note 1:
APF recommends that students obtain an international insurance policy to cover the  time spent out of their country (APF does not issue insurance policies)

Note 2:
You may register now by filling out the registration form and you may pay the price in full when you arrive at our school. We accept traveler checks and cash.


Please contact us for further information: info@apf-languages.com

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